• Defying the Stereotype of a Mineral Prospector: Mick Shmazian

  • Posted on July 13, 2018
  • Though Mick Shmazian is a mineral prospector, he most definitely defies the stereotypical image of a man in overalls, with a bushy handlebar mustache and carrying a pick axe while standing beside a donkey burdened carrying lots of tools through the mountains and canyons of the American Southwest. Of course, he is very effective at his job and he has a great reputation at making sure everyone who needs minerals has easy and constant access to as large a supply as possible. That, is good for everyone in the country, including manufacturers, investors and even consumers.

    The job of a mineral prospector has become critically important in this day and age, in which we are dependent on technology that uses minerals in production, including some in relatively limited supply. Mick Shmazian understands all too well that, when a prospector does their job well, mining companies and many other industries maintain their stability. To keeping the world economy moving forward these days because stability in supply means price stability, which means companies are better able to make money manufacturing many products people need, as well as provide for a stable investment platform for investors.

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